The Vauxhall Business Society

Serving the Vauxhall community since 1984 through the support of local business, commerce, and trade.

About the Vauxhall Business Society

Established in 1984 the Vauxhall Business Society is a volunteer organization of business owners and professionals committed to the promotion and improvement of trade and commerce for area business people. Our focus is to provide support to the economic, civic and social welfare of our local trading area.

Latest News

205, 2017

Update #2 Vauxhall & District Chamber of Commerce

VBS Update on the Vauxhall & District Chamber of Commerce Issue   May 2nd 2017 Hello All, We are still fighting the windmills of bureaucracy. Our application to Corporate Canada was returned to us with [...]

601, 2017

VBS Update on the Vauxhall & District Chamber of Commerce

March 14th  2017 To all members: We have now applied for the incorporation of the Vauxhall & District Chamber of Commerce (VDCC). It is our hope that our application is received positively and that the [...]

601, 2017

Why do we need a Vauxhall & District Chamber of Commerce

Initially, businesses in Vauxhall formed The Vauxhall Businessmen Association and in 1998 the Vauxhall Business Society (VBS) was incorporated to replace the Association. The VBS is currently limited to the town of Vauxhall and our [...]

708, 2016
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Fibre Optics Internet

Why does the VBS support one company? Because Axia is the only company that has publicly stated that they can give our town 25 Mbps or higher, both ways, upload & download. 25 Mbps is [...]