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The first line of defense in protecting your identity online is an up to date antivirus software program. Most companies collecting personal/credit card information on line provide guarantees regarding losses that may occur to you as a result of your using their web site. However, that guarantee is contingent on your computer running up to date antivirus software. Many new computers come with a trial version antivirus suite if when that trial expires you do not subscribe or replace with a new suite the personal information on your computer can be compromised by a new threat.

http vs https

Before providing personal information on line ensure that  you are on the correct page. https along with a padlock in the browser address bar indicate that you are on an organizations secure page. Always take a quick glance before filling in the form fields to ensure that the internet address is correct and that you are in fact in the secure area of the site. There are many fraudulant pages on the internet that use a variation of a company name spelling in hopes that if a visitor mis-typed the address they will proceed to provide username/password information.

Image of browser address bar comparing HTTP and HTTPS

Privacy Proofing Your Retail Business: Tips for Protecting Customers’ Personal Information

Identity theft is becoming an ever increasing problem, and very often this is being accomplished by thieves illegally obtaining customer information from retailers. The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta has published a paper to assist retailers in the areas of collecting, sharing, storing and disposing of personal information received from their customers. The report also outlines your obligations to protect the information you collect and how to protect yourself by developing policies within your organization that promote best practices and compliance with the Privacy Laws in Alberta.

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An expanded version of the report is also available to view at PIPA Guide Nov 2008

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta web site

The office has also published some very good information to assist with your personal protection against identity theft titled “Identity Theft First Aid