VBS Update on the Vauxhall & District Chamber of Commerce Issue


May 2nd 2017

Hello All,

We are still fighting the windmills of bureaucracy. Our application to Corporate Canada was returned to us with the comment that it was inadequate for the following points:

  1. Overlapping boundaries with the Taber & District Chamber of Commerce
  2. Missing sections in our bylaw that need to be added

To 1.) we have found that the original certificate of incorporation for ‘The Taber Chamber of Commerce’ from 1961 ends at the TWP-RD 12-01, a straight east to west line and Vauxhall has never been part of the Taber & District Chamber of Commerce if the original boundaries were not changed with the name change to Taber & District Chamber of Commerce in 2012. So if this is true, it makes our incorporation easier since we don’t need a letter of agreement from the Taber Chamber to stat our Chamber.

To 2), this is a little more difficult and we have engaged legal advice in this through our VBS member Richard W. Sudgen of Baldry & Sugden in Taber.

The worth part is that we must do the name signing at one point again and the board hopes you will bear with us until we have this now all together for our ‘real’ application.

You can contact me at joerg@columbiaseed.ca or phone 1-403-330-5480 or you can talk to any of our board members:

Kris Hunter, Scotia Bank

Peter Van Uden, Haven Agencies

Jennifer Schaefer, Avail

Monica Miller, Southern Coop

Margaret Plumtree, Major of Vauxhall

Joerg Klempnauer

VBS and VDCC President