Initially, businesses in Vauxhall formed The Vauxhall Businessmen Association and in 1998 the Vauxhall Business Society (VBS) was incorporated to replace the Association.

The VBS is currently limited to the town of Vauxhall and our membership of 51 businesses is impressive for our small town.  We are proud to be recognized by both the town and the MD as a speaking partner, and a partner for economic development.

At present, businesses outside of the town limit are not served by the VBS and our mandate and capabilities are limited because we have no provincial or federal recognition.

Becoming a Chamber under the (Canadian) Board of Trade Act would widen our field of operation if the board of directors and the members want this.  We will only proceed with becoming a Chamber of Commerce if there is enough interest and support.

Each Chamber around us has a different philosophy on what they like to offer, promote, lobby etc.  Each chamber is member driven and the democratic process dictates what the members would like the board to do.

Examples benefits for a chamber member:   Certificates of Origin

Confirmation of business registration

Certification of visa applications

Certify agency/representation agreements

Special rates for Group Dental & Health Insurance Plan

Chamber logo for members

Chamber seal for export documents

Discounts at many businesses